We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the competition.


In short

During the competition, 1st June - 11th September, 2015, all participants get free access to the 10monkeys Maths World learning program. By playing, the classes can win fun prizes every week! The weekly prizes are drawn between the 20 most active classes in two categories, Little Monkeys (years 1-2) and Junior Monkeys (years 3-4). The Overall Best category shows the total score during the whole competition. The main prize is tablets for the class, which is drawn between the 10 most active classes during the entire competition time. 

The Terms and Conditions are below. From point 6 you can read about how to obtain your licenses.

Welcome to Number Rumble!

1. Organiser

The Organiser has the right to cancel the competition in case of a force majeure or any other overpowering event.

Oy Ltd


(In following, “Organiser”)

2. Eligibility

All Australian primary school students in years 1-4 are eligible to take part in the competition. The teacher signs up their class for the competition. It is required to also announce the number of students in that class. (In following, “Participant”)

3. Participation Time

Registration for Number Rumble ends on 11th September, 2015. When the participation time has ended we do not accept any further registrations. During the time of the competition, the program can only be used at schools between 7 A.M and 3:30 P.M on weekdays. The time can vary according to the time zone. Please, check the time zone used for your school from the list below. Students and/or schools that have obtained the paid version of the program are exceptions. Home access on weekdays after 3:30 PM and on weekends will not accumulate points for Number Rumble. 

The time zones used depends on from which state or territory the school is. Check the time zone used for your school from the list.

Time zones

Australian Capital Territory - Australian Eastern Standard Time
New South Wales - Australian Eastern Standard Time
Northern Territory - Australian Central Standard Time
Queensland - Australian Eastern Standard Time
South Australia - Australian Central Standard Time
Tasmania - Australian Eastern Standard Time
Victoria - Australian Eastern Standard Time
Western Australia - Australian Western Standard Time

4. Competition Time

The competition time is 1st June - 11th September, 2015

5. Registration

To register for the competition go to:

All of the classes whose teacher fills in the registration form with correct contact information during the time of registration will take part in the competition. Participation is free and does not require buying the product. When participating in the competition, the participant will give a permission to publish the name of the school on the organiser’s web page and commits to follow the rules as well as decisions of the organiser. It is possible to register for the competition during the whole competition time.

6. Access to the User Account

The username and the password will be sent to that e-mail address, which the Participant has given when signing up for the competition.  

7. Main User Account

All participants who have signed up for the competition from the same school will have a shared account that is used to sign in on the page. After signing in, the teachers can create personal accounts for the students.

Students will be able to sign in by using the username and the password that the teacher has provided them with. It is recommended to choose a password that the student can easily remember. Only the teacher will have the right to change the password. By using the Main User Account, the teachers can sign in and follow the progress of students as well as manage their accounts. Students are only able to access the game.

When more teachers from the same school register during the competition, they will also be given access to the excisting user account.

8. Changing the Password of the Main User Account

The password can be changed by signing in to 10monkeys Maths World with the Main User Account. The person who changes the password has the responsibility to inform other teachers of the new password

9. Competition Schedule

  1. One weekday before the competition starts, all teachers will receive an e-mail with the terms and conditions of the competition and the Main User Account details.
  2. The teachers who have signed up for the competition log in to Maths World on page and create personal accounts for the students.
  3. The students are only able to sign in with the user accounts created by the teacher.
  4. The teacher can sign in with the Main User Account details and follow the progress of the students from the Evaluation Tool as well as manage the accounts.
  5. By playing 10monkeys Maths World during the competition, the class competes and collects points as a team. The names of all active schools are visible on Number Rumble’s homepage in all three categories (Little Monkeys, Junior Monkeys and Overall Best) 
  6. The list will be updated daily (during the evening).
  7. Weekly prizes will be drawn every Friday after the free access has ended among the 20 Participants who have gained the most points during the week in both Little Monkeys and Junior Monkeys categories. Therefore, every week there are two winners! 
  8. The winners will be contacted personally.
  9. At the end of the competition the Main Prize is drawn between the most active classes. One set of tablets is drawn between the 5 most active Little Monkeys and 5 most active Junior Monkeys. 

11. Collecting points in Number Rumble  

Classes gather points by playing 10monkeys Maths World actively during the competition. In this competition only enthusiasm counts! Unfortunately we cannot reveal any exact details on how points are calculated since we want to avoid any kind of misuse.

However, the overall score in the competition is not the same as the points gathered from Maths World. Each student must have their own account when playing. Notice that the size of the class does not affect the chances of winning.

12. Extending the license time

The access to Maths World learning program will end on 11th September, 2015 after which all the user accounts will be locked. The same user account can be re-activated by paying the license fee. To buy the full license go to: 

13. Weekly prizes and Main prize

    -     Weekly prizes

The weekly prizes are drawn between the 20 most active classes during each week. The Winner will be contacted personally.

The draws are carried out every Friday evening between the 20 teams that have collected most points during the competition in both categories. The first draw will be carried out on 5th June, 2015 and the last on 11th September, 2015 . If all of the Participants from the top 20 already have received prizes, the classes in spots 21-30 will take part in draw instead.

    -    Main prize 

At the end of the competition the Main Prize is drawn between the most active classes. One set of tablets is drawn between the 5 most active Little Monkeys and 5 most active Junior Monkeys. One class from these two categories will win the main prize. The winning class get a set of tablets, which are delivered to the school after the compeition has ended. In the Overall Best category, classes can follow their total points through the competition. 

The prizes can not be changed for money.

14. Executing the Draw and Possible Rejection

The draws are carried out by the Organiser. The name of the Winner can be published on the Organiser’s web-page or Facebook and Twitter site or in any other communication.

When the announcement of the winner or the prize is cancelled due to providing the Organiser with incorrect information or any other barrier, the Participant has violated the terms and conditions of the competition or the law, and will be rejected from the competition.

15. Responsibilities of the Organiser

The Organiser does not have any responsibilities in front of the Winner regarding damages that are caused or claimed to be caused by taking part in the competition or accepting and using the prizes. This does not affect the rights that are granted by the Consumer Protection Act.

The responsibilities that the Organiser has in front of the Participants is to not exceed the value or quantity of the prizes that are mentioned in the rules.

The draws are arranged by the Organiser.

The Organiser has the right to change the terms and conditions.